Brazil - Jhone Lacerda lot #1

Brazil - Jhone Lacerda lot #1

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Producer: Jhone Milanez Lacerda | Lot #01

Estate: Sítio Santa Rita
Geography: Serra do Caparaó - MG, Brazil
Variety: Yellow Caparao
Process: Natural - Controlled Fermentation 43c
Altitude: 1250 MASL

Roast profile: Espresso

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Coffee cultivation started at Santa Rita Estate in the beginning of 1896 with Jhone’s grandparents.

In 2005, the family decided to focus all energy and resources into producing Specialty Coffee by developing and improving pre and post-harvest processes.

Sítio Santa Rita is in the surroundings of Parque Nacional do Caparaó, on the border of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo States. It is composed of four small properties with a total area of 70 hectares with 45% devoted to coffee growing. The topography is irregular where altitude ranges from 900 to 1,550 metres.