Fazenda São Benedito

Fazenda São Benedito

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Producer: Antônio José Junqueira Villela
Estate: Fazenda São Benedito .
Botanical Variety: Yellow Bourbon.
Process: Natural.
Geography: Mantiqueira de Minas , Brazil.
Altitude: 950–1420 MASL

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Fazenda Sao Benedito was inherited by Mariana Junqueira in 1954 and has been part of her family ever since. In the 1970’s special attention was paid to the crop harvest and coffee covered 8 hectares of the farm.

Today the farm is run by Antônio José Junqueira Villela and the coffee area spans 35 hectares with several varieties planted. Since the focus has shifted to coffee on the farm, picking, processing, and drying have improved tremendously and in the early 2000’s São Benedito was recognized by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association for it’s high quality production.